Disadvantages Of Infancy

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Child infancy is to be taken very serious because every little thing is a big factor to the child’s life. Some of the important things in their infancy stage are breastfeeding, sudden infant death syndrome, motor and language development, and also secure attachment. Each of these has their pros and cons or a way to prevent them. I will inform you of all the information you will need to know to make sure your child will grow to be the healthiest it can possibly be. Breastfeeding or also known as nursing is when a mother feeds her baby with milk made from her breast as that is where the name “breastfeeding” comes from. Infants should only be fed breast milk for the first 6 months of their life to ensure they are still getting the right nutrients in their…show more content…
For most babies between 9 and 12 months is when they should be taking their first steps, but it is also very normal for babies not to be able to walk as late as 16 or 17 months. To be sure your baby is on the right track of walking development you should help them with walking by trying to turn balancing into a game, standing them up on their legs and keeping their legs straight will help them learn what they need to do. Encouraging your baby to walk instead of sit can give them more motivation to learn to walk. Making a big deal of their first steps or any of the little things will go a long way because it lets them know they are doing something right so they will continue to work on those things and get better at them. Secure attachment is shown when an infant becomes distressed when there parent leaves them alone but the child is able to eventually calm themselves because they know there parent or caregiver will be back. Children who have secure attachment often feel much protected by their caregiver, and often are highly depended on them to take care of them. Secure attachment is formed by the caregiver responding to the infant’s gestures in doing this it allows the baby to feel comfortable and

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