Utopian Society Analysis

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When the new things happened in the society, it simply happened because of the Big Man’s wish and it was no matter that if the society actually needed the change. And it did not mean the President knew nothing of the society and civilization but he knew much about them. The President was used to be a soldier and he was given advice by the White man, Raymond. He created the Youth Guard, an army like security, mainly consisted of the warrior tribe people; and he himself disbanded it. The ‘Youth Guard’ was just a wish fulfillment of the Big Man. “IT WAS THE Big Man’s way. He chose his time, and what looked like a challenge to his authority served in the end to underline his authority. He showed himself again as a friend of the people,…show more content…
He wanted to create the ‘Utopian’ society again in Africa. Utopian society was known for its perfection and order. It had the developments in all the fields. It would possess all the desirable qualities for the citizens. It had the high ideals on sociality, politics and moral aspects. The ideals of egalitarian principles of equality were followed in direct manner. The equality in economy, justice and government made the perfect living place. All human beings in the society were of equal social and worth status. Africa in this case was beaten up even in the first level to Utopian society. It lacked the unity and the distinction of the various communities always highlighted in…show more content…
Metty was still the servant for Salim’s family. He was familiar with this job and did not want to move on his own; he remained his status as a servant without any compulsion. There were big distinctions on people’s economical status in Africa; there was no common economical status. Some people were uneducated living their life in small village and in forest leading a very poor life. The expatriates did not attain any stableness around the society. The indifference between ethnic groups and other mixed as well as the foreigners made the inequality in the society. The social peace was collapsed with the effect of new politics. The concept of Utopian society in Africa would be hard to attain in the society like Africa. The titles of each chapters revealed the situation of Africa and Naipaul was remained a master in that. The first chapter was named ‘The Second Rebellion’, as the place already had many rebellion and wars. At the time of regaining, the society again was put up in rebellious situation. The second chapter ‘The New Domain’ was the mention of the beginning of the European culture in the African society. And it was all because of

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