The Pros And Cons Of Animal Cloning

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What have we cause in the world around us? Species have been fear of being in danger from extinction because of us. Scientist are cloning species that take time through reproduction, doing research on animal models, and cloning animals will cause the animal to suffer. First of all, the animals are decreasing each year to be extinct and scientist are trying to find away keep the animals away from the extinction that is reproduction cloning. In the article 10 Marked of advantages and Disadvantages of Cloning, it said, ¨In New Jersey alone, there are about 84 wildlife species are feared to be endangered while around 40% of the world’s species are at risk to be extinct. Advocates of animal cloning say that this scientific process offers a solution to conserve and preserve the…show more content…
Scientist try to find a way to clone the wildlife species from extinction and that is there only solution to save them from the extinction, but I’m concern that there should be more ways to solve the extinction instead of one way. Each year, the species is fear of being endanger and 40% of the species around the world have the risk of extinction. Another quote from the article is ,” Through reproductive cloning, the nucleus that contains DNA is removed from a female egg of the species being cloned.¨ As a result, the egg's nucleus will be remove and put the specific DNA in the egg and let the female do it thing. When birth happen, the animal forms into the specific species, but I’m nervous about happen to the life of that species like how long it will live and will they suffer. Now the animals is clone and scientist have found a way to clone species from extinct. The last quote for this paragraph is that it said, ¨Then, a mature cell containing the DNA of the specific animal being cloned is transferred into the empty egg cell. That cell then begins to divide and forms an embryo, which is placed inside a surrogate mother. ¨ Obviously, as the mature cell

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