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Maria Ramos Assignment # 1: Guns, Germs, and Steel In the documentary, Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared M. Diamond’s argument about why Europeans were able to colonize the New World explains to the audience the reason why global inequality exists around the world. The documentary shows how geographic location in which certain groups began to develop plays the main factor in their development, adaptation and advancements to guns, germs, and steel. The film emphasizes on the world wide racial definition about why “white” people are supreme over “color” people by introducing a question asked by Yali to Diamond. The questions Yali asks is, “‘Why is it that you white people have so much cargo, and we black people have none?’” The word “cargo” in…show more content…
The shape and size differences between the European continent and American continent influenced the culture spread of food and animals from nation to nation. Europeans gained favor with trade of animals and food resources from other nations, such as India and Asia, which help them stabilize their government, socially and economically. Their favor depended on their latitude geographic location of travel. Geographically, the latitude argument indicates that traveling from East to West implies the same type of weather and seasons takes place. This assists large groups of civilizations maintain their crops and animals as they travel from East to West because the vegetable crops, fruit trees, and animals are able to travel and survive from East to West on…show more content…
Germs originated in Eurasia. Humans living in Eurasia lived closely with their domesticated animals. They would eat, drink, and breathe in the presence of their animals’ germs. Over time, animals became infected with diseases that were deadly to humans. These diseases included smallpox, which were easily transmitted from human to human through coughing and sneezing. Although, many humans who got smallpox died, there were a couple of people who survived and were able to be immune to smallpox. Their genital traits of being able to resist smallpox were passed down from generation to generation. One of the human populations that were able to gain the increase immunity to smallpox was Europeans. In the New World, civilizations did not live closely with their domestic animals, which indicated that they were not exposed to animals’ germs compared to

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