The Crench Revolution: The Causes Of The French Revolution

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French Revolution was political and social movement that occurred in France between 1787 and 1799. It was the most violent revolution in the 18th century. The revolution had three slogans “Liberty, equality, and fraternity”. Liberty represented freedom from cruelty of government, equality meant social equality and fraternity brotherhood as the citizens were tied together with solidarity. The wars exhausted French monarchy and the years of bed harvest led up to the revolution that started in 1789. The revolution was caused by third estate members that made 95 percent of French population. They advocated equal representation of all citizens and voting by man not by status. They took over control of Paris forming a Paris Commune, the governing…show more content…
The war raised the tension especially in Paris and led to invasion into royal palace in Tuileries on August 10, 1792. The following days were filled with violence towards nobles and counterrevolutionaries. The murder riots that led to killing of about 1,200 prisoners were recorded as September Massacres. During the same period French revolutionary forces replaced the Legislative Assembly with National Convention, abolished the monarchy and proclaimed French Republic. The voting rights, suffrage, were extended to all male citizens regardless of their…show more content…
Robespierre was executed on July 28, 1794 and after that the executions drastically slowed down. His opponents started forming a conservative republic, without controls in economy, religion, or terror of the state. The Thermidorian Convention dissolved Committee of Public Safety and initiated “White Terror” to clear the society of radicals, mostly Jacobins. The new constitution was passed in August 1795 dissolving the National Convention and forming the Directory, a five man government and dual legislature the Corps Legislatif. The country was still in war with Austria and Great Britain and hunger and poverty as well as revival of royalists were growing issues. The politicians turned to Napoleon Bonaparte, a military hero, to solve the

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