Morally Wrong In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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His eyes become round as the moon. His face expression freezes as he goes into shock. Claudio, the groom of the wedding, feels a strike in his heart that feels painful like nothing before. Claudio and Don Pedro listen to the false words of Don John that eventually drive Claudio to publicly humiliate Hero, the bride of the wedding (AP). From observing this scene from the play, Much Ado About Nothing, we can portray Don John as a fabricator who seeks to ruin other lives for fun which brings us to a conclusion that lying is wrong. Although lying may lead people to achieve their desired objectives, it must be acknowledged that lying is morally wrong because it ultimately undermines their credibility and affects other people’s decisions (PS). First,…show more content…
This will make it difficult for them to make a free and informed decision. People will expect the liar to reflect the picture that the liar painted. For instance, in Much Ado About Nothing, because Don Jon told Claudio that “the lady was disloyal,” it paved a way to a more intense conflict, culminating in the public shaming of Hero due to Don John’s initial reputation where he was trusted by his peers (3.2.97). From this, we can come to a conclusion that a story can have a paradisal environment and then, quickly transition to an infernal world. According to The Terrain of Comedy, “deception and disguise, characterizing marks of comedy, are used in infernal society” (Cowan 12). In addition, it is apparent that lying in that particular scene of Much Ado About Nothing plays a major role in manipulating the other characters in order to gain an advantage to harm others by Don Jon. In other words, the liars are not allowing others to make their own or original decisions. For instance, Nicholas Kristof, a New York Time columnist, visited North Korea and saw propagandas that accused “Americans of using biological weapons in warfare and committing atrocities worse than Hitler did” (Weiss 5). In this case, the use of propaganda from the North Korean regime drives the nation's people to feel hatred towards the U.S and have negative opinions. Having these thoughts (PrPP), North Korea will continuously reinforce their military and supplies due to working behind false motivations which will make diplomacy with North Korea more difficult throughout

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