Reflective Essay About Love

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Before I begin my sharing, let me introduce myself - I am Dawn, 19 years old, I am born in China but I grew up in Singapore since 6. I am currently persueing my studies in bachelor degree of Fashion Designing. I thank God for where I am right now, even standing before all of you here, it is really by God’s grace and blessing. Since young, I have this passion towards clothing. I have always look forward to design and create something different from the others, I love the thought of myself helping women to look confident and feeling beautiful when they wear my design. However, as I grow up, i realize dreams don’t just happen if you wish for it yet not working hard for it. And even after hearing feedbacks from adults that fashion design is…show more content…
It was a bore at the beginning, I wish I can spend more time going out with her instead of going for these church activities. Yet at the very same time, my heart was slowly opened up to God once again, without me myself realizing - God is actually speaking to me and I was surprised. On the third visit of my mum’s church activity, I am already regretting to stay for just 2 weeks, I wanted the trip to be longer, I want to attend the sermon and sharing everyday because I want to hear more of my Heavenly Father’s words. For the first time, it was really joyful hearing the pastor preach and I didnt fall asleep. When the church worship and sing praises, I witnessed the youth there, they are worshipping and servicing God in whichever way and talent they have: Singing, Playing Instruments & even Dancing. I was touched and guilty, I couldnt face myself, I was ashamed because i did nothing for God in all my life and always received the best from Him. I mean I have actually wasted 18 years of my life. What if I die one day, and when I come before Him, I don’t even think I deserve to see His face, He might not want to see me because I broke His heart countless time. I was uncertain whether I can really go to Heaven even after accepting

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