Personal Statement: Shovon's Theory Of Identity

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Introduction: I am Shovon, an international cadet studying in the best military academy on earth, the United States Military Academy at West Point, USA. I am from Bangladesh, a developing country with a rich tradition of heritage and culture of South Asia. We are five in our family. My dad is a retired District Accounts Officer and mom is a retired Principal of the District Nursing Institute. My younger brother is a high school senior who is going to graduate this year and my younger sister is a senior in middle school. After graduating from the Rangpur Cadet College (a military high school), I joined the Bangladesh Military Academy. After one and a half years of rigorous training I was selected for attending USMA for Class of 2021. I have…show more content…
According to Erikson’s theory of socioemotional development, one of the childhood stages is Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt which is described as infants grow a sense of independence in themselves and try to do things on their own. Any restrain applied against their will produces a sense of shame and doubt in them. In my case, I have always considered not to rely upon someone as I considered myself a burden for them in that case. Also it would produces a sense of low self-esteem. This theory effectively applies upon me. And for which I didn’t care much about my emotions and that is what I am experiencing…show more content…
This theory talks about peer relations which is the influence of peers in building positive or negative attitude in a person. This is an adolescent period aspect which signifies that having good friends help individuals to be skilled and go in intimate relationships by making close friendship with selected peer. This describes identity exploration, especially in love and work. In my case, good peer relationship will help me to make good friends from which I can select the peer to be my close friend in whom I can find myself and explore my identity. That being said, there has to be mutual understanding and trust between each other to go for an intimate relationship with whom I can share everything of mine without any hesitation. The emerging adulthood is a transitional period when individual tries to find their existence and identity in everything. As I am going through the same, I believe I am seeking my identity in love to satisfy my emotion. I think my challenge will help me to shape my developmental outcome since it is a question about my intimacy or isolation that will influence my identity in the later days. And trying to become self-dependent in everything as I described in the earlier stages is affecting my challenge by not valuing peer

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