Automated Parking System

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Automated Materials Handling Systems Research Assignment Automated Parking System: The Automated Parking System, or (APS) is a mechanical system designed with the purpose to store cars without compromising space which is valuable in a built up, urban environment. It achieves this by stacking cars vertically using a mechanic system to transport the cars rather than a driver and in doing do reduces the wasted space that comes with providing a path for a driver. For example, due to the precision of modern electonics an APS only requires the pathways to be slightly wider than the car itself as the need to provide extra space to allow for human error is not nessacary.s There were two main factos that drove the develpoment for an Automated Parking…show more content…
Other nations, particularly Asian countries who’s cities experience extreme levels of population density are seeing unfathomable levels of potential with large scale systems. By 2012 there as an estimated 12.6 million APS parking spaces avalible throughout Japan. An Automated Parking System has two main classifications. Automatic and Semi-Automatic. An Automated APS is much like a valet service run by robots. There is a transfer area where the driver parks their car and then exits it. A terminal will be nerarby where the driver pays a parking fee and recieves a ticket that will be used in the retrieval of the car. The system will store the car until it is needed again with no more human input. More avanced APSs will measure the dimensions of the car in order to store it in a parking space that will waste a minimal amount of excess space. The defining difference between the Semi-Automatic APS and the Automatic APS is that a semi-automatic design requires the driver to stay in the car. This is because the system will take the car to the parking space however the act of actually parking the car must be done by either the driver or an attendant. Whether or not an automatic or semi-automatic APS is constructed is often a matter of cost and space. However Automated Parking Systems that store more that 100 cars are, in most cases,…show more content…
Parked cars are significantly secure from criminals as they are being stored in a location not designed to be accessed by people and even if a vehicle was accessed there would be no safe path to take it. Not only are the vehicles safe from those who intend to bad but those who do not intend to do so. Minor carpark accidents such as dents and scrapes are elmininated. Due to the fact that there are no people within the parking complex ventilation and lighting is no longer such an important factor when designing which minimisies the APS’s power

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