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Fire sprinkler system The purpose of fire sprinkler system is to detect, control and extinguish a fire and inform the occupants in the event of fire. The system functions automatically without human intervention or known as an automatic fire fighting system. There are two types of automatic sprinkler systems which are wet system and dry system. Wet system dispenses water to push out the fire. The pipes of the system are filled with water all the time. They are ready to dispense the water immediately once the sprinkler bulb breaks. (MOVT, 2015) The piping system of dry sprinkler system contains air under pressure. When the sprinkler bulb breaks, air is released and water fills the pipe and is discharged at the sprinkler. They are most commonly…show more content…
(JELD-WEN, 2016) The main function of fire door is to provide an easy and safe means of escape. The second function of fire door is to act as a barrier to delay the spread of fire and smoke between compartments. (Ltd, 2016) The fire door installed must fulfill the requirements such as does not obstruct when open. The fire door must easily to open and in the direction of travel. The other requirement is to provide a final exit to the unobstructed place of safety. Besides, the fire door must never locked. The fire doors of Giant Hypermarket are located along emergency escape route and fire access lobbies. All the fire doors in Giant Hypermarket are automatic self-closing door. The door can only open from the outside and only use when there is an emergency situation. The advantage of using this type of fire door is the door can always be close firmly. The type of fire door provided in Giant Hypermarket has fulfill the requirement in building by-laws clause 143. Figure 5 • Figure 5 shows the fire door of Giant Hypermarket with some of the details on the

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