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Planning is the most important thing in every part of the life, and for trip it is necessary to plan before leaving so that one can stay away from any mishap and fully enjoy the trip. Many companies provide packages for visiting Bien Hoa. Visitors should book the ticket and confirm them so there is no bad situation is created on the end time. The tickets pricing are dynamic and varies from country to country, as Vietnam is the Southeast Asian country on the South China Sea. So if you are travelling from Asian countries especially south Asian countries like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Philippine, Malaysia, Taiwan, Myanmar, it will cost you less as compared to western countries like US or United Kingdom and even north Asian countries like Russia. For trip you must have passport and visa of Vietnam. All visitors planning to visit Vietnam must have a passport which is valid for at least 6 months. They must obtain a visa from the Vietnamese…show more content…
It is located on National Highway 51, Phuoc Tan Village in Bien Hoa. Other place in Bien Hoa is Dong Nai Culture And Natural Reserve. It is located in the east of the city and a very soothing place to visit. It is a wildlife area where one can find natural beauty and birds chirping in the trees gives a pleasant effect to the ears. Buu Long Mountain is also an important place to visit. Don’t go to its name it is actually a nice park surrounding a lake which looks same as Ha Long Bay. There are paddle boats and row boats for rent to go around the lake, and visitor will be able to stop the boat on small islands in the lake. There are a lot of flowers surrounding the lake. It is probably the best place for picnic. There is also a place near it to play paintball. Mango Garden Resort and Lan Kwai Fong Bien Hoa are also nice places to visit within Bien Hoa. Lan Kwai Fong Bien Hoa is the best place to enjoy night in Bien hoa as it is a night

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