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The History of Physically Disabled People Throughout 1830s-Present Rough Draft Imagine a person in the early 1830s and they can not walk up the stairs without difficulties or can not leave their house without being judged. Now someone has seen the obstacles that physically disabled people face everyday. The history of physically disabled people throughout the 1830’s to today will change the way people shall think. People have heard of many disabilities but do not know all the facts. Everyone views one another as different but does the reader know why? Many people do not know the most types of physically disabilities, how the people viewed them before and today, history behind the treatment of physically disabled people, the sterilization…show more content…
The treatment of people with disabilities was often very cruel and shocking. Many people know of the electroshock therapy but do not know of the other ways to deal with the disabled. By reading the Article “Treatment of Disabled People Throughout History” the reader comes to know that many disabled people, “...suffered abuse and neglect, substantial health and safety conditions, deprivation of rights, forms of electroshock therapy, painful restraints, negligent seclusion, and experimental treatments and procedures.” These are just some of the many torcherous methods used on the disabled during the harsh times of the early…show more content…
By 1995, The Disability Discrimination Act, “...makes it illegal to discriminate against disabled people in connection with employment, the provision of goods, facilities and services, or the disposal or management of premises. Now businesses, restaurants, and schools cannot discriminate against the disabled; allowing them to be looked upon as “normal” citizens. They can now do as they please without being frowned upon. Employers cannot hire someone just because they are disabled. How would the reader feel if they went to a job interview and got turned down just because they are disabled. By 2010, every disabled person has all the rights that they deserve including: schooling, being able to work where they want to, and getting the help they need in

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