Analysis Of The Butterfly Effect

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Parenting influences many factors of one’s early developing stages, some of the results are not that satisfactory. “…parenting styles that involve harsh and inconsistent discipline have been shown to constrain the development of children’s social competence and promote the development of psychosocial problems…” (Hamon, Schrodt 154) in which violent behaviors are seen from adolescence and adulthood. “Previous literature has found gender differences in delinquent behavior. Male adolescents are more likely than female adolescents to be involved in delinquent behavior…” (Harris-McKoy, Cui 837). This is mainly perceived because males are known as more aggressive, reckless and competitive individuals in comparison to females that are more docile.…show more content…
Situations like how young relationships are developing. According to this journal “results of our latent class analyses suggest that young adult dating relationships are marked by heterogeneity with respect to relationship quality and structure.” (Manlove, Welti, Wildsmith, & Barry 48). In other words this means that young adult dating relationships are more based on diversity. There are two main types of relationships long term ones in which the couple is more intimate, and are more committed to one another making it more “serious” . Not to mention casual relationships, they consists mainly on not being committed and intimate. The partners in this situation don’t take the relationship too seriously, and this is something very common currently many fear commitment and decide just to be more open about the whole situation. Many go through various partners before they settle down. Today a guy who dates or sleeps around with a lot of women is perceived to be a hero. Not to mention that marriage is no longer considered “until death do us part” and more like “until I call my lawyer and get a divorce”. Suicidal tendencies is something that our community is dealing with a lot these days. The percentages grow higher and higher every year, depression and anxiety problems as well. “Self-esteem and assertive social-skills are the…show more content…
Not many people agree that youngsters are or will be the future but it is more based on peoples own opinion. All of these situations mentioned are real problems that our generation is encountering. I mainly believe that all of us are try to be good people with good intentions and behaviors, but I also believe that depending on the social psychological environment people are just influenced on changing their integrity and even morals to fit in the “young” adult

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