Theme Of Crooks In Of Mice And Men

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Of mice and men is a novella written by John Steinbeck based around the American great depression in 1937 the story is about 2 men Lennie Smalls and George Milton who travel around California to look for jobs on ranches , they peruse the same American dream to own a ranch of the own and live by the land but that is not as easy as I sounds of course as they have to go through some complications that will get in the way such as loneliness, conflict with other people and even themselves. Crooks is one of the lonely characters in the novella of mice and men he is isolated from all others and he is forced to live in the barn with all of the animals and he is give given a slave job to clean all the animals and all because he is black so they treat…show more content…
He is accompanied George and he knows George will never leave him. He gets angry when Crooks sais that George might leave someday. 'I said s'pose George went in to town tonight and you never heard of him no more.' Crooks pressed forward some kind of private victory.' Crooks said to Lennie about George leaving him and to never come back and see him again trying to taunt Lennie. Lennie is a very childlike character. He doesn't fear about making new friends because the only person he cares about is George. I think the one way in which Lennie is lonely is that he can't have mice or rabbits without killing them. I think that he knows that he will kill them, but he doesn't know why and this is the only way that he is lonely because he can't keep them alive. In the end of the book, he is killed, so he really isn't lonely…show more content…
And crooks could talk to people and they probably would talk to him back if he wasn’t so angry towards the white people all the time and always hiding from them because he is scared they will make him do more jobs than he already is doing and lennie isn’t really lonely because he has George but if George was to leave him he would be lonely and probably die on his own without anyone to look after him or even locked up in jail but George promised to lennies aunt clara when she died that George will look after Lennie because he has the body and strength of a fully grown man but the brain of a

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