Review Of The Essay 'Why We No Longer Use The H Word'

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Disabilities with purposes The word “disability” is used for people that have a mental or physical problems, and the word “handicap” refers to the complications the person experiences because of it. In his essay, “Why We No Longer Use the “H” Word,” Dan Wilkins, argues about how concern society operates towards people who happen to have a disability whether is mental is or physical problem. In the world there is organizations such as The Americans with Disabilities Act and any other organizations have made successful advances on what it is accessing buildings, higher education, employment opportunities, and, actually, they have developed realistic representations on TV of persons with disabilities. Having a disability should not stop people…show more content…
The truth is, we are all equal because in fact society has come to invest so much money in organizations for people with disabilities so these people can move on with their lives and so they can come to feel like normal human beings in this society without the exception of their disabilities. Society has advanced to the point where we are now living and technology has helped increase the employment rate of the disabled immensely. For example, Kevin Bella, a high school football teacher. When he needs to communicate with his players before having an intense game, he goes home, sits on his couch. That is because Bella, who is deaf, communicates with his players through a new technology that brings alive sign language interpreter to the player phone screen or computer. “It’s a huge improvement over typing messages back and forth," Bella said. There is an increasing number of disabled people along with Bella who are using new technologies and are able to keep up with their job as well as interact with people in their community because of new technologies that are specifically made to help them communicate or complete tasks. The past few years have seen a number of technological advances aiming disabled clients. Apple, for example, has made new technologies such as voice recognition and screen readers, which can transform text into speech, into all of their products, instead of offering them as

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