The Pros And Cons Of Ableism

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Most has never heard the word ableism, its unspoken word. I have not heard that word myself until recently when someone introduced me to that word specifically. That word is actually the perfect word to describe deaf community which is my point of the word. Ableism are the practices and most in control attitudes in (community of people/all good people in the world) that reduces the value of and limit the (possible power or ability within/ possibility of) people with disabilities (Stopableism). Another meaning to ableism to make more sense, “a set of practices and beliefs that assign inferior value (worth) to people who have development, emotional, physical, or psychiatric disabilities (Stopableism). “People who do not have a disability or who are not close…show more content…
It is sometimes not (on purpose) but in certain facts or conditions (that surrounds someone), it is intentional (Stopableism). Saying words like crazy, dumb, mute, blind, stupid, and retard. The list is endless. Those type of words is called ableism or ableist language. Ableism is not a list of bad words. Language is one tool of an oppressive system. Being aware of language, for those who have the privilege of being able to change our language, can help us understand how pervasive ableism is. Ableism is systemic, institutional devaluing of bodies and minds deemed deviant, abnormal, defective, and subhuman, less than. Ableism is violence (Autistichoya). Crazy refers to people with mental or psychiatric disabilities. Deaf refers to deaf people or people with hearing impairments. Blind refers to blind people or people with visual impairments. Dumb refers to Deaf people or people with hearing impairments, people with speech impairments, or people with linguistic or communication disorders or disabilities. Stupid refers to people with intellectual disabilities (Autistichoya). These words and its meaning are prime examples of ableism or ableist

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