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Thesis Statement: It is advantageous for public schools to have a policy of enforcing students to wear school uniforms for it is beneficial for students, parents, teachers and the school administration as it helps to foster academic success, increases safety in the campus and makes it easier to check if there is any violation of dress code. Some people feel that it imposes restrictions on students but that is a debatable issue. I. Academic Success: A. Positive effect on behavior in the classroom: Uniforms encourages academic success by improving attendance, discipline and concentration. Graduation rates are often better. Students meet expectations of teachers. The ways uniforms enhance academic success are: 1. Distraction is reduced: Growing…show more content…
Outsiders can be located: Any stranger or intruder in the campus can be easily located and school authorities can take immediate action or even inform the police. 2. Students can be identified: Whenever students go on any excursions or visits or where many schools gather for some event or in case of an emergency, uniforms helps in quick identification. III. Dress code enforcement: A. Pressure on teachers and staff is reduced: It is easier for teachers and staff to monitor students in uniform. Also if the students are not in uniform, appropriate action can be taken. 1. Checking hallways becomes easier: Uniforms helps in enforcing discipline as teachers and staff can check every nook and corner of the school easily. 2. Time can be used constructively in academics: Teachers need not spend time in checking dress codes and can be more oriented towards teaching. B. Less stress on parents: Most parents prefer uniforms because: 1. Parents have an easier time: Morning is a rushed time for most parents of school going children and having a fixed uniform reduces anxiety as they only have to ensure that a clean uniform is kept ready. 2. Cost Effective solution: Uniform works out to be cost effective as price is known

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