Global Factors Responsible For Ww2 Essay

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To what extent were the Treaty of Versailles and global factors responsible for WW2? “It was a war to end all wars” – Woodrow Wilson (President of USA). WW1 did not solve any problems; instead it snowballed, and finally resulted in the Second World War a few years later! This War happened to be the most violent armed conflict in all of history and caused devastation at a level that was unheard of. This War can be traced to two things – One: an unfair treaty and Two: injustice towards the losing party. When both of these combine together, the result is a new war. World War II started in 1939 and ended in 1945. There were four main factors that caused WW2 to break out: Treaty of Versailles, The Great Depression, Rise of Adolf Hitler and Appeasement.…show more content…
It began in the year 1929 and lasted until 1939. As is evident, the value of anything German, be it dignity, pride or exchange was severely devalued. The economy lost all face in the International trade and capital markets. Then, a worldwide Economic Depression in North America, Europe and other developed areas of the world, followed due to the Wall Street crash. The Great Depression first began in United States but then quickly turned worldwide due to close and fake relationships between United States and European countries after WW1. After WW1, the US had emerged as the investor of Europe, whose economies had been weakened by war debts, and in the case of Germany, her economy further weakened as she was asked to pay for all reparations. Therefore, when the American economy also collapsed, prosperity in Europe was brought to a halt. The Great Depression hit Germany the hardest, as it was built and depended mainly on foreign capital. She had taken loans from America and was extremely dependent on trade money. When loans came due and demands for German exports fell drastically, German businesses came to an end. This also caused great unemployment and therefore the Germans wanted a solution to bring them out of their

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