Devil's Playground

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The Devil's Playground is a documentary filmed in 2002 it is directed by Lucy Walker. Devil’s Playground is about the experiences of Amish adolescences in the Rumspringa stage. In the documentary it follows the lives of teenagers who were determining whether or not they want to rejoin the church. At the beginning of the film they follow a couple Amish teenagers that live in LaGrange County, Indiana who are about to go into the "English" world and experience things that they could never picture themselves doing before like, Sex. Some Amish teens that are experiencing Rumspringa tend to get experience the drinking of alcohol. It is the most popular activity for many, particularly the guys. Amish teens also like to experience with drugs, some may even take it to the next level and deal…show more content…
The Amish believe that large families are the biggest blessing from God. Women and their husbands are to have as many children as possible. The Amish have chosen farming as a way of life. The Amish so not use tractors in their fields, these old order Amish use farm equipment pulled by teams of horses or mules instead. The old order groups do not own or operate automobiles (unless they are in the Rumspringa stage). The church believes that automobiles would offer easier access to the habits of the world today. The Old Order Amish are known to avoid using modern technologies and preserving a life without electronic devices and or other handiness for that matter. The Amish are very private people and they consider themselves accountable to the Lord for the spiritual wellbeing of their kids. An example of high-context communication is when Amish Neighbors will help Amish neighbors in times of need, they are all just one big family. They look out for each other. Today in our society being gay and adultery is a norm. A lot of us can learn important lessons to apply to our lives from studying the Amish way of life.
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