Atalanta Jason Is A Hero

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"Danger gleams like sunshine to a brave man's eyes"(Euripides). In the stories of Atalanta, Jason, and Theseus danger never made them quit. The book Mythology by Edith Hamilton is set in Ancient Greece where heroes are destined for greatness. The trait of being brave, as shown in Atalanta, Jason, and Hercules is essential to succeed as a hero. All of Atalanta's life she has been doubted for being a girl, but by being brave she has shown everyone who doubted her what she can do. One of Atalanta's most famous hunts is the hunt of the Caledonian boar. "In the confusion of dying men and wildly flying weapons Atalanta kept her head and wounded the boar"(246). In the beginning of the hunt the men that are hunting with Atalanta, do not believe she can help them, but once the boar starts to charge at them everyone became scared except for Atalanta. Atalanta was able to keep calm and wound the boar. Atalanta broke many stereotypes that men made about women in her lifetime. Refusing to marry is frowned upon, but Atalanta the grit to never cared what other people thought and that takes courage. Atalanta devoted her whole life to become a good hunter and athlete instead of staying home and raising a family.…show more content…
"The idea of the great adventure was delightful to Jason"(161). Jason accepts Pelieus' quest in order to win back his throne showing his bravery to do anything to get what he wants. Although it is a dangerous journey Jason has the audacity to do it even though he might die. Jason and the Argonauts had to complete many difficult tasks in order to complete their journey "They spent the night facing they knew not what and feeling that there was no help for them anywhere except in their own valor"(168). Jason never breaking or showing weakness kept the argonauts loyal for the quest. His courage in the face of danger eventually led to the success of his

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