The Purpose Of Education Rhetorical Analysis

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Throughout the years, our society has improved in areas such as education, technology, and medicine. Education has become one of the fundamental keys that has made our society thrive as a country. Unlike many other countries, everyone is has the opportunity to study and has the decision of choosing his or her own career. Because of the beliefs and views of each person, the purpose of education varies. However, the most common purpose of it is to help each person succeed and find a well paying job to live a modest life. Education provides a person with knowledge and enhances skills for living that they will need in the real world. The top priority of each young adult is to study and go to school in order to have a job and be successful. Although each person has his or her own view of such a topic, each based on personal beliefs or views, education provides knowledge and skills that help people succeed in the real world and provides the government with tools to build a…show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr. addresses this topic in his essay, "The Purpose of Education". He says, "Education should equip us with the power to think effectively and objectively”. To think objectively means that a person will not be influenced by personal feelings or opinions; but, will rely on the facts presented. Education allows people to be able to come to terms with a reasonable conclusion which in the real world will allow them to have a fair judgement towards difficult circumstances. Dr. King also states, “The first function of education, therefore, is to teach man to think intensively”. Dr. King addresses this in his essay in order to depict that education provides a person with the skill of being able to think thoroughly. This skill is needed for a person to be able to productively have an understanding of real world

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