Nelson Mandela Must Fall Character Analysis

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Sometime last year, I went hiking with some friends to Devil's peak. We actually had to first visit the Rhodes memorial before proceeding to the mountain. We were greeted with the statue of a god-like creature whose eyes swept the entire landscape. I remember a friend's description of the statue, as an insightful man thinking about the next region to conquer. My reaction to her description was base on my understanding of his economical prowess rather than his political aspiration. Well, my friend is a South African, she possibly knew better. However, something was not right about the image, the nose of Rhodes had been chopped off. This distorted the artistic imagery the statue represented: a god with no breath! How? When I enquired about what had happened, I was told there had been recent protest tagged “Rhodes must fall”, over the ideals he stood for and his contribution to the political history of black South Africans during the colonial era. After the hike, my internet search yielded far more than what was said. It was surprising that there had been a debate early last year at the University of Oxford on “Must Rhodes fall?”. From these experiences, I learnt how imperative it is for us to discuss the…show more content…
However, we can draw inspiration from the leadership style of Nelson Mandela and his commitment to something much bigger than himself. His commitment to social integration, forgiveness and the principle of selflessness. We can take cue from this and walk out the door of bitterness and hatred that may have resulted from wars and marginalization. We cannot afford to bind ourselves with the chains of hatred, because these chains are often-time too weak to be felt until they become too strong to be broken. We must take the responsibility to uphold the benefits of our liberation, to learn from the flaws of colonialism and to ensure we establish a legacy that must not

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