Advantages And Disadvantages Of Entertainments

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Today is really difficult to limit the entertainments ways. With the new technology our life is getting easier than it was because of that what we think and see. However in the reality it is not what we think. The life is getting more complicated with the speed of the improvement of the technology. Proofing my speech by talking about children as an example in how they were before enjoying their free time in the past and how they are now. We can observe that in the past the ways of entertainment are limited and very simple such as owning a bicycle or spending the week end in any closest play grounds. On the other hand today most of the children are not interested any more with this type of entertainment because of the improvement are followed…show more content…
Slides are a way of entertainment where children find it in the playground. This equipment is much needed and one of main play set in any world playground. They are many different shape and types of slides. Some of them have a straight design and others are wavy designs. There is no standard height of slides but as it has to be built for children the contractor must assume and consider a fair height to ensure the safety and to protect the children from many risks such as falling off or danger injury. As I mentioned above that they are many different shapes and design of slides where it might be flat which it doesn’t look complicated as a half cylindrical where this type of slide is very safe as it prevents falls. Usually they constructed of plastic which is cheaper cost comparing it to the metal cost. The surface of the slide is smooth which it is allowing slide easily. The use of this equipment is not difficult so all what the child have to do is going to the top of the slide by using a ladder or the stairs that will depend on the slide design then setting down on the top of it and after that slides down. Slide must be designed and constructed in a proper way and safe way as well which it will lead us to not be worried about our children. That means preventing children injury as much as possible. Slides might cause different types of injury such as broken bones. That might happen if we use unclosed slide with a very high slide to the children age which the child might fall off. So the safety and the protection of the user have to be the first aim. As I said in my beginning speech that slide is one of the most important plays set in a children playground. The construction of a slide based on the materials that have been used to build the slide. In my text I will be describing and mentioning the common slide uses in the most world countries

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