Devil's Playground Analysis

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Devil’s Playground Devil’s playground is a documentary film on Amish teenagers entering our world of sin, what seems to be an everyday thing for us, is something totally different to these teenagers. Most of them want to try everything that 16 year olds do these days, see how we live our lives and experience that for themselves. Weather they decide to stay Amish or leave their community is up to them, parents strongly encourage them to become Amish, but it is their decision and what they choose is totally up to them. Faron was one of the boys from the Amish community who seemed to be one of the most rebellious of the teenagers using and selling meth before wearing a wire to set up some fellow drug dealers. He definitely seemed to like living in the English…show more content…
Throughout the documentary Faron struggles with alcohol and drug abuse, decides to move to an Amish community in Florida with his Amish girlfriend and gets a job, but does not join the church. Gerald seemed to be a more level headed young man in the documentary. Even though he was partying every night and did not plan on joining the Amish community, he worked hard and maintained his own house and did not engage in any hard drug use. After he has his fun in the English community he decides to move back home and considers joining the Amish community eventually. Similarly, Joann did her share of partying, but she mentioned in the movie that she wished she never picked up that first beer. Joann talked about how her family members contacted her every day to return, but it wasn’t until she knew and had decided that she came back to the Amish Community and joined the church. Lastly, Velda who was a

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