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The Old Bazaar-Gateway to time travel (Describing a place) Skopje is an alluring place that has been inhabited since 4000BC. It is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Macedonia and it is in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula. Skopje has several monuments and statues, ancient buildings like Stone Bridge and Kale Fortress, and new buildings with classical architecture that remind us of old times. The city center with the amazing new imagery and the sight of the statues of national heroes displayed on the Eye-shaped bridges attracts people. However, there is one place I like more, which is the largest and the oldest marketplace in the Balkans called the Old Bazaar or Stara Carsija. Being a city that was populated for innumerable centuries, Skopje survived a large number of conquerors and catastrophes. The Old Town, or as it is called today the Old Bazaar went under changes whenever a new conqueror came, since it was the city’s primary center of trade. The Old Town now is located on the opposite side of the modern city center, which is on the eastern side of the river Vardar, which is divided by an old bridge called Stone Bridge, which dates back from the 12th century. The mix of Byzantine and the Ottoman architecture produce it into one of the largest and ultimate colorful sites…show more content…
Inside this place you can find an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, here you can hear people shouting “fresh tomatoes” and when you enter at first you the smell of the rotten items will frustrate you, which is normal and you will become used to it as the time passes. Then there are people trying to sell you few shoes that appear to be made by original brands like Nike or Adidas, but they are just fake and that is the reason they are cheaper. This is the place that you can find anything you like, since it contains everything from vegetables to

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