Altered Bowel Elimination Case Study

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Risk Factors For Altered Bowel Elimination Among Adult Clients At Shaqra City ABSTRACT:- Altered bowel elimination can be caused by little amount of fibers, fluids, or as a side-effect of medications. It is usually stated as three or fewer bowel movements per week. Research design: a descriptive research design. Setting: The study was conducted at Shaqra city. Subjects: the subjects of this study consisted of 70 adult clients who suffered from constipation. Tools for data collection: “structured interviewing questionnaire”. It includes items related to socio-demographic characteristics as age, education and residence. Also, it includes questions related to symptoms, causes and lifestyle of the participants. The results reported that, the mean age of the sample was 28.8 years old. The participants had different health related problems that cause altered bowel elimination such as chronic diseases that require taking of medications (27.1%), colon problems (44.3%), thyroid problems (8.6 %), previous surgery (40.0%) and stressors (48.6%) and anxiety (55.7 %). Also, there was a bad dietary habit among the participants. 74.3% of them drinking tea and coffee (87.1%) daily. Conclusion and…show more content…
It can affect males and females. females (41%) were doubly as likely as males (21%) to regard unfrequently intestine movements as representing constipation, whereas equal ratio of male and female regarded hard stools (43%), straining during bowel motion (24%), and Pain during defecation (23%) as representing constipation (WGO, 2010). There are many causes of colonic slow transit constipation which comprise diet, hormonal disorders such as hypothyroidism, side effects of drugs, and rarely heavy metal toxicity. Since constipation is a symptom, not a disease, actual handling for constipation may necessitate first defining the reason (Andromanakos et al.,

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