Descriptive Essay About Date

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It’s a friday night when all the high school boys go out with their dates. The boys are stressed on how to approach the girl, where to go and what to wear! They all want to accomplish the same goal: get their ideal date. Some of them just want to go a friendly date, but, some boys are so shy they don’t even know how to begin. There are many things these boys should know to succeed with all three things. Friendzone Frank, Non-Talker Nick, and Serious Sam should should follow this advice to get their ideal date. The first kind of guy on a first date is definitely the hardest to give advice on, Friendzone Frank. Frank is someone who just wants to hang out alone with no strings attached. The bad thing is sometimes the girl may not know how Frank is feeling. The best thing he…show more content…
Frank won’t have to meet the parents which will make it less serious. Even on the way to the date destination, Frank needs to have casual conversations the whole way there so it's not awkward. Him showing her that he is nervous will make her get some wrong thoughts about what kind of date this truly is. That truly is one of the worst possible scenarios for a friendly date. The next best advice to give Frank is where to go. Where to go for just a friendly date is very simple. First, a fancy restaurant is totally a no-go. Instead, he should take her somewhere very laid back. That is the best option because it will be less stressful on both him and her. Them talking casually in a chill environment will help make the date run smoothly. There are many options nowadays to do something fun and laid back rather than dressed up and serious. Places like a trampoline park, mini golf, and even just a park to catch some football. Surely enough, Frank is also concerned on what to wear. He doesn't want to seem like he is trying to hard, but, he doesn't want to look like
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