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Maya Angelou, one of the wisest women to ever walk the face of the Earth, said some of her most famous words of wisdom: “When people show you who they are, believe them.” This can be one of the hardest pieces of advice to follow, but truer words have never been spoken. When someone really shows and tells us who they are, we take them at their word. Wasting energy and time on unchanging things is useless. Learn to walk away from toxic people and hopeless situations. By being aware of some behavioral red flags, we can do just that. As anyone who’s ever been on a first date knows dating is anything but easy. It’s a trial and error process, and sometimes the bad dates outweigh the good dates. First dates, especially, can be an interesting experience…show more content…
As Bryan pulls into his date’s driveway, he texts her from the car saying he’s here. Already irritated and disappointed, she gets into the car, and she sees that Bryan is dressed very casual when she knows she tried on seven different outfits and spent hours planning on what to wear. On the way to the restaurant, she’s constantly trying to dig stuff up the whole time to permeate the awkward silences, feeling the need to fill pauses just because they’re so uncomfortable. Bryan just turned the radio up in the car, preventing further conversation. They finally pull into the busy parking lot at the restaurant after what felt like a three hour long car ride. Still, he has not spoken a single word. She’s asked questions which he’s only responded to with head nods and an occasional chuckle. Eye contact on a date is essential and of course Bryan, shy and reserved as he is, has not looked her in the eyes once. She couldn’t even tell someone what his eye color was if they asked. With a Boring Bryan, it’s hard to keep a conversation going smoothly. Eating quickly to try to hurry this date along, offer to split the check and go separate ways. Dating is supposed to be interesting. So being bored the first time we meet someone can definitely be a turn off. Leaving the house is already hard enough. But to leave the house and then deal with an awkward, weird date for which there is no easy way out?

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