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Enriching the real world with digital information and media What is Augmented Reality? The process of superimposing digitally rendered images into real-world surroundings, giving a sense of an imagery or virtual reality. Current developments have made this technology handy using a smartphone. Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose components are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as video, sound, graphics or GPS data. It is associated to a more general concept called mediated reality, in which a reality view is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer. As a result, the technology functions by intensifying one’s current…show more content…
Using a mobile application, a phone's camera identifies and interprets a marker, often a black and white barcode image. The software analysis the marker and creates a virtual image overlay on phone's screen, tied to the position of a camera. This means an app works with the camera to interpret the angles and distance mobile phone is away from the viewer. Often only smartphones are capable of supporting augmented reality. Phones need a camera, data for an AR should be stored within an app and should have a good 3G Internet connection. Augmented Reality can be utilised on connected devices and all screens: On smartphones and tablets, Augmented Reality feels like a magic window. Many Augmented Reality applications are available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Augmented Reality works with a webcam on PC and connected TV, which can be quite awkward when a user has to manipulate a tracker in front of the screen. On connected glasses and lenses, Augmented Reality feels like being Robocop. How is it used? Augmented reality is unseen content, most commonly hidden behind marker images that can be included in printed and film media, as long as the marker is visible for a suitable length of time, in a steady position for an app to identify and analyze it. Depending on the content, the marker may have to remain

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