Of Mice And Men Setting Analysis

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John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” is a book of high achievements peaking with the nobel prize in literature. The book has received different interpretations of the variety of aspects found within the book. Many of these arguments centralizing around the reasoning behind Steinbeck's characters and plot(action). Less of these about the application of setting that Steinbeck uses under the radar of readers. His unique application of setting at the beginning of every chapter and extending it majorly in important chapters as resembled in a play. As the setting is set before the scenes take place. A play is a form of literature consisting of dialogue, characters, theme, and setting. These 4 aspects are the elements that are essential to the creation…show more content…
Every in depth description in the book has a deeper meaning. Such as “Soledad,” the town just north of the main action, derives from the spanish word, “solitario” meaning “lonely.” Seen in scenes such as when Slim and George sit down by themselves for cards. Steinbeck at the beginning of the chapter 3(same chapter in which the scene takes place) says, “Through the open door came the thuds and occasional clangs… and now and then the sound of voices raised in approval or derision.” (pg. 38). This description feels like nothing is going on. Why exactly, because they’re on a farm in a a “lonely” town, they are isolated. At moments like Slim and George in the bunkhouse, the characters are isolated even more from the small group of characters there are. Steinbeck describes the setting so much so readers can feel how lonely and isolated the characters are. On top of this, the time period which is an aspect of setting, is set to 1937. A year at the heart of the Great Depression so the characters being affected by that are riding the wave you could say, trying to stay afloat and isolation is something that was inevitable. Steinbeck fits these pieces of the puzzle together just right to create a theme of isolation. “Of Mice and Men” can be a book that can sometimes be overanalyzed in characters and action. Just as in a play, where you don’t

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