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Why couldn’t I be normal? : Demi Lovato In her earlier years Demetria Devonne Lovato also known as Demi was brought up and surrounded by talent. Her mother Dianna Lee Hart was a country music artist, and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Both her sisters Dallas and Madison are artist as well. With the help of her mother she opened doors for herself rapidly. These three girls had to live life without the figure of their biological father. Demi’s parents divorced when she was only two years old. Not having her biological father really impacted Demi. The song For the Love of a Daughter written by Demi illustrates the live she had. She wrote this song at the age of sixteen when going through her addictions. In the song we can interpret that her father…show more content…
Helping young teens get passed through what she went through. Demi wrote the song Nightingale after her father passed away. A song in which she writes about being bruised, and needing a light to take her home. A song in which she also says that she feels his presence by her side. (Lovato) “Sing to me I know you’re there.” (Lovato, Unbroken) Being bruised from her father’s addiction and suffering from seeing him like that all Demi wanted was to see was him to get all better. Even though they did not speak Demi always knew her father was there for her. Determined to change her life for the best, and not wanting to be compared to no other star that has been trough addictions and never dealt with, Demi arose stronger than ever from rehab. With her single Skyscraper the star identifies it as being her therapy song. In the video she is unraveling a black fabric which was a symbol of taking off all those toxins that took over her mind. Instead of falling back into depression after her father’s death, Demi knew that only good things would come from that experience. She later funded a treatment charity in memory of her father. The charity helps people who need treatment for mental illness. Demi also raises awareness on mental health on her campaign called Be

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