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Demi Lovato – a singer, songwriter, and actress – inspired many people with her pop song, “Skyscraper.” The song is a ballad that reflects Lovato’s past struggles. The lyrics of the song is universal and very relatable, especially to those who are dealing with different problems in their lives right now. Lovato showed that music can have a profound impact on people. The musical structure of the song helped heighten the emotional impact of the song to the listeners. It is musically simple and has a structure that is appropriate to the subject matter of the song. “Skyscraper” used few musical instruments. The song started with a piano. Piano being the main instrument for the entire song made it more emotional and heartfelt. The volume is soft in order to increase its emotional impact. Then, the music was accompanied by a percussion on the second verse. Throughout the song, Lovato’s voice is breathy, shaky, and powerful. The timbre of her vocals throughout the song increased the emotional impact of the music. The song is accompanied by some breathy backing vocals too. The simplicity of the song’s instrumentation helped develop the mood of the song, which switches from sad to encouraging.…show more content…
According to the sheet music published at by EMI Music Publishing, the song is “set in common time with a metronome (used by musicians to determine time at a rate by setting a regular beat) of 104 beats per minute. It is composed in the key of G major with Lovato's vocal range spanning from the note of G3 to the note of G5” (Gad, Koiv, Robbins). In addition to that, the song is in quadruple meter. The form is ABABCB (first verse, chorus, second verse, chorus, bridge, chorus). It is created with the most popular music texture: melody and accompaniment. The song follows the common pop music

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