Robert Cormier's Short Story 'A Bad Time For Fathers'

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In the short story "A Bad Time for Fathers" by Robert Cormier Mr.Croft's daughter Jane is leaving for college. Mr.Croft is deeply saddened by Jane's departure but this helps express the theme that you need to let someone go before you can expect them to come back. In the story Mr.Croft's feelings about Jane leaving for college are made obvious. He states “Probably the party had been a mistake, after all, because it provided a focus for the farewells, a time and place to say go." He regrets the party because of the goodbyes and go's. Because the farewells made the fact Jane is leaving to real. And he thinks maybe if he wouldn't have thrown it he wouldn't of had to hear the sadly said farewells. One of the writing strategies Cormier used

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