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Those Winter Sundays The poem, written by Robert Hayden, “Those Winter Sundays” is about the author recollecting his memories of his father, with the tone of regret and the mood of sorrow. Robert Hayden uses the attribute of images or imagery, to portray a son who is not aware of what he actually possesses. Throughout the poem, the son does not acknowledge his father for the entities that he did for him. Robert Hayden regrets for not thanking his father for all that he did from him. Hayden uses plentiful of images to implant a picture in the reader’s mind of how hard his father works. His father has to work on Sunday, the day of rest and replenishment. In the poem the author states, “Sunday too my father got up…” The father is possibly doing this earn more money to support his family. Robert included the image, “then with cracked hands that ached from labor...” this emphasizes the obstacle that the father puts himself through to reinforce his family. This made it harder to work because the weather was “blueblack cold”. Robert Hayden accomplish showing the readers vivid pictures portraying the…show more content…
“Those Winter Sundays” has a tone of regret incorporated in the poem. The last line of the first stanza was already glowing with contrition, “No one ever thanked him.” In my perspective, I see it as the son did not really appreciate what he had, he never said “thank you” to his father. Also in the last stanza he states “Speaking indifferently to him…” this means that he speaks nonchalantly towards his father versus his friends. But at the end Robert Hayden states, “What did I know, what did I know…” this symbolizes regret towards his father. The son feels remorse because he was not aware of his father is working hard to support him. The tone guides the poem to help create a perception of regret to the reader. This strategic device unites the work of writing to create a

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