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It used to be that when thinking about Disney Channel actors, you would probably think of your favorite 30 minute show with the hilarious main character(s) who are constantly getting themselves into all kinds of funny situations. This sadly has changed. These days Disney Channel is more known for its (former) stars that are getting themselves into some real life situations that are not so funny. Kids who were once beloved characters have turned into drug addicts, rehab regulars, jail time spenders, and cannon ball swinging streakers. How can this happen you may ask? It all comes down to three things really. The first being “too much too soon.” The second similarly being the fact that they have no guidance from their parents. Finally, these…show more content…
Most of the parents of these young actors seem to be more concerned about their family looking good on camera, than they are with the well-being and raising of their child. Take Lindsay Lohan for example. She has not been on speaking terms with her parents for some time. They haven’t been a very big part in her life since she started going downhill, and unless something changes, she will continue to plummet without any help from them. She had several run-ins with the law due to DUIs and drug use, which has resulted in a lot of jail time and rehab stays to help her try and overcome the mess she has made of her life. Another interesting point to consider is that even if parents want to be involved, they are ultimately pushed aside and the child actor is looked upon to make the decision. Mara Wilson recalled back to an instance like this that she remembers from her childhood. She said that when she was about five or more, and just beginning to act, that a reporter asked her a question not fitting for a 5 year old. Her father learned of it, and asked that his daughter not be asked such things. His complaint was ignored entirely. (7 Reasons Child Stars Go Crazy - An Insider's Perspective) This shows that parents aren’t even respected or acknowledged as part of their child’s life. Sooner or later, the child will figure this out and the rebellion will

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