Unit 9 P4 Public Services

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In this task I will be describing, comparing and evaluating diverse leadership styles used in the Public Services. There are eight main leadership styles. Authoritarian Leadership in this leadership style, the leader is giving orders and controls all decisions in the group and the tasks. Authoritarian style is one where employees are not consulted or asked about their opinions and ideas almost all the time, when the leader has to make decisions or when he is setting tasks. The impact that authoritarian leadership has on the team is by making the team feel more respectful towards their leader and can determine them to get the task completed in a short time or he/she can make the team feel disengaged, unsuitable for this job. Democratic Leadership…show more content…
However in a case of a crime, police officers and their leader have to solve the case in an effective way. The leader will explain the case and will give ideas of what could have caused this crime. In addition, the leader will ensure that all the team members are involved and achieving goals. Overall authoritarian leadership style is not suitable for this situation, because being authoritarian leader you will not be able to ask the group about any ideas or opinions they may have. In emergencies situations that can expose them to dangers. The leader has to take the decision no matter what and in a very short…show more content…
Bureaucratic: The leaders are responsible of taking the last decisions and both of the leadership style are used in the public services jobs. Laissez- faire provides freedom to the group and support them. The leader allow to the group to take decisions too, but he has the final word. Bureaucratic is very strict and the group must work as says in the book. They have rules that need to be followed. The leader does not involve the group in decision maker. Laissez- faire Leadership will be effective in the police unit, where this leadership style can be used when the leader has told to the team members that are working in the office, to try and find out who that specific person has done the crime. In addition, the leader must trust the whole group to try and workout what had happened in the crime and who could have done that. However in this situation bureaucratic leadership will not be effective, because the members will have to work correctly by following the rules and strategies, set by the leader without any

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