Power In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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“Even the smallest dose of power can change a person” (Benderev, pg. 1). Power is known to corrupt even the purest of heart. From Julius Caesar to Macbeth, power has led people to their downfall. Even the young may succumb to power and the savagery that comes with it. This being said it is safe to say that the book Lord of the Flies is inevitably a book about power. This book is about power because of the power struggle between good and evil, and the line can be blurred. In Lord of the Flies, two different types of power are demonstrated through the characters. Authoritarian and democratic powers are represented in the play as well as the effects of it. A democratic leadership style is where decision making is shared and the views of a team or group are valued and contribute to the vision, goals and decision that are made. The democratic power decisions are made through the people's beliefs and opinions; leaders are chosen by the public in an election (Defining Leadership, pg. 1). Democracy is demonstrated through Ralph. Ralph is put into power, through an election, therefore, the boys choose their chief democratically. “’Let’s have a vote.’ ‘Yes!’ ‘Vote for a chief!’ ‘Let’s vote – ‘ This toy of voting was almost as pleasing…show more content…
Benefits of a democratic leadership style is that it: recognises that people other than the leader may well have ideas about a better way forward, invites discussion, opinions and views, Builds commitment as individuals agree together what needs to be done, and Recognises that people other than the leader may well have ideas about a better way forward (Democratic Leadership, pg. 1). In Lord of the Flies, Ralph’s democratic leadership was very effective. During assemblies, the conch gave people the power to voice their views and opinions. Although it was limited, the democratic aspect is still shown. But, Ralph’s democratic leadership didn’t last long due to an authoritarian
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