Explain How To Create A Leadership Strategy That Supports Organisational Direction

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5.Create a leadership strategy that supports organisational direction? Leadership strategy for the long run should share a positive vision about the company and influence employees to link their personal interest with the organisational goals so that they get motivated to achieve goals resulting in reduced turnover rate. A leader can create a strong organisational culture which promotes team work and coordination, so that employees will be clear about organisations goals, objectives and vision. Proper leadership style converts organization threats into its opportunities by giving limited authority to the employees for decision making so that their confidence level increase and they contribute to achieve the mission of the organisation. Organization should use…show more content…
Branch managers and their staff cannot wait for the higher authority to make decisions in current situations because enterprise operates through an extensive network of local offices, therefore they need to make decisions to meet the changing needs of customers in a fiercely competitive market. In the Democratic leadership style, consultative democratic management is appropriate where employees share their ideas and contribute to the achievement of organisational goals. For this enterprise there objective is to deliver better customer service that can be better serve by consulting the employees, their ideas and opinions. This will motivate the employees and they will contribute more efforts since they were involved in the decision making process but the final decision should be made by the leader after group contribution to decision making. Then by giving autonomy to employees, they will relate themselves to the organisation and feels committed towards the goals and will perform well. When employees get self esteemed and confident their trust level will be

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