Hemangioma Research Paper

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The five vascular that will be described here are ecchymosis, angioma/hemangioma (describes a benign growth of blood vessels in the skin), purpura, telangiectasia and petechial. Ecchymosis may be palpable, a huge lesion of purpura, purplish blue in colour nonblanching discolouration which fades to green, yellow, and brown over time and a bruise is classic. Spider angioma is named like that due to the distribution is like a spider leg that has a spot at the centre and radiating vessels and the pulsatile rhythm of dilated can be seen at the subcutaneous a small arteriole on the chest, neck and face. This has an association to elevated systemic oestrogen and are usually seen in pregnant lady and alcoholic’s person with hepatic cirrhosis. However,

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