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Derek Jeter, one of baseballs most beloved superstar’s was recently immortalized in an advertisement done by Gatorade. Derek Jeter decided after a remarkable twenty years he would be hanging up his cleats for good. Jeter’s love for the state of New York is vividly shown through Gatorades most recent advertisement. Gatorade display’s Jeter interacting with the fans of New York in a way that’s not often showed. The connection that Jeter has made with the fans of New York makes one believe that if Derek Jeter is drinking Gatorade so should everyone else. By using Frank Sinatra’s, My Way, Gatorade uses an emotional approach to tug on the viewer’s heart strings. Gatorade uses Jeter’s love of baseball and his dedication to the city of New York to sell their product. By dedicating an advertisement to Derek Jeter’s farewell to baseball, Gatorade is targeting baseball fans everywhere. Derek Jeter may be the most respected baseball player in the last ten years. Fans everywhere admire Derek Jeter not only as a baseball player but also as a person. Fans wanted to be a part of Derek Jeter’s retirement, and by Gatorade endorsing his retirement the company is giving fans the opportunity to be a part of it. The ad shows…show more content…
Gatorade saw an opportunity in Jeter’s retirement to gain the viewer’s respect toward the product. Derek Jeter is an icon using him to promote the product, makes it very likely the sales rate may increase. Retirement for Jeter was an enormous deal considering he was the captain of the Yankee’s, a very well-known team in the MLB, making the audience more broad than a lower lever superstar such as if it were a minor league player. Also the fact that Jeter is very well known for the respect and honor he has for everything he does makes Gatorade appear as if they are a very honorable company and are dedicated to their product as Jeter was dedicated to

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