Aeneas And Gilgamesh Comparison

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Essay Question #1 I chose to compare Gilgamesh and Aeneas, mainly because these are the two I found the most interesting. In comparing the two we can clearly devise that these are two characters that are physically gifted and supreme among their peers. They share some similarities in the respect that they both have tremendous ability and potential, but at the same time their flaws are sometimes magnified and overshadowing. Gilgamesh is a mythical character, meaning he is not all human, he is comprised of two parts god and one part man, Aeneas also has a genetic make-up that is not all human. Another similarity I found interesting in this character comparison, is that both of them ended up in a relationship with a woman that ended tragically. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh has never really considered his own mortality and the thought of facing death himself, until he befriends Enkidu, a friendship that changes his focus on life for the better. It’s after Enkidu dies that death really hits…show more content…
Early in this epic, the author paints a picture of Aeneas’s character that leads one to believe that he is in firm control and knows his destiny. He gladly accepts all the trials and responsibilities that have been laid on his shoulders, he knew all of this came with the territory. He was the chosen one to lay the foundation and help spread the glory of the Roman Empire. Then later in the story, he encounters a woman named Dido, this relationship sort of causes him to let his guard down and for a while, serves a as a distraction to him. A quote from the text reads, “But Aeneas, duty bound, his mind restless with worries all that night, reached a firm resolve as the fresh day broke. (586)” He overcomes his desire to be with her and reinforces his commitment to Troy and the Roman Empire, his duty and character help him to overcome his personal feelings for

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