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Are You Bigger? The Everlast boxing equipment commercial titled “Boxing Makes You Bigger” on YouTube, provokes an effective emotional response within me. From questioning moral character to setting an example for those who are watching, the audience is left with the question, Are you bigger? The advertisement touches on ethical, emotional, and logical concepts of boxing, and of what it takes to be a champion. The opening scene shows a young man who is learning to box. The equipment is worn and noteworthy of a hand-me-down from the several boxers who were there previously. The building is run down on the outside with the inside not looking in any better condition. The floors are marked with scuffs from the jump ropes that had hit the floor…show more content…
The ethos of this advertisement is effective in asking oneself to be bigger by channeling the greatness each one of us holds inside. Thus, I continue to ask myself the question, “Would my family or myself be proud of what I am doing right now?” Somedays, the answer is yes and of course, somedays, the answer is no. That is when the personal challenge of my own behavior steps into place. I can relate to boxing from my training in martial arts; there was never a person who told me to get up and go to the gym and train. I had to practice with others as well as by myself in order to master the techniques that were presented to me. There was not a prize for my training or a trophy handed out, because my prize was self-respect, and that was the reward for the training I had accomplished. I have learned over time to always respect myself and stay true to my personal discipline of being kind, caring, and making a difference in everyone’s life that I meet. If we all carried the ethical approach of being bigger in the way we treat each other, then imagine what kind of world it could…show more content…
Yet, with channeling our own self-discipline, wrestling our own issues, and training hard, we can become “bigger” individuals. Many students here at Central Ohio Technical College also have a dream to accomplish, and show up daily to meet our trainers in hopes of winning the fight. Some students want to be in law enforcement, some nursing, some are not too sure yet, but still come to work hard in reaching their own personal goal of being a champion to themselves and their families. As we all step into the ring, we can bring out the greatness within by sticking to the principles of Everlast: self-discipline, courage to win, and being hungry for the win. I, too, hope for the courage to complete my degree in nursing. The drive that it takes to leave a career for the start of a new career is daunting and challenging all in itself, but I am hungry for the chance to be a nurse. What are you hungry for? Can you be

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