Essay Comparing Anne Bradstreet And Edward Taylor

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The earliest permanent settlers of what would become the United States were Pilgrims and Puritans who held their faith in God close to their hearts. Eventually the Puritans would become the dominant religion of the early colonies and the authors of this religion would create some of the first truly American poetry. Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor were two of these authors, but they never meant for their poetry and reflections to be published. Unaware that one day these poems would be published and widely read Bradstreet and Taylor allowed their true views of not only their religion but the world around them to shine in their poetry. Both Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor wrote poems for personal reflection to aid their quest for self-improvement;…show more content…
Bradstreet is using a hardship in her life as a way to turn back to God and understand the meaning of material goods, she realizes that God wants her to think of the wealth in Heaven and not on earth. Bradstreet turns what would devastate most into a point of reflection and a moment of spiritual triumph as she is able to move past the meaning of her material goods; however she does not actively work towards a closer relationship with God. In “Huswifery” Taylor proves that he is willing to work so that he can nurture a closer relationship with God. Taylor requests that God “Then weave the Web Thyself. The yarn is fine,” describing his desire for God’s help. This shows Taylor’s hard work because the “yarn” or his soul cannot be “fine” without previous work that has made him a righteous man. He has already asked God to give him the opportunity to work hard through the spinning wheel to make his “yarn” fine, and through this statement he shows that he has followed up on the previous promise to become refined. From this point onward Taylor needs divine help to achieve a soul pure enough to impress God when he

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