Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends And Influence People

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Dale Carnegie wrote “How To Win Friends and Influence People in 1936, yet the points he makes throughout the book are still relevant today, in our personal and professional life. The first principle I resonate with the most is “Give honest, sincere appreciation”. I think this a fundamental key to any relationship we are in. In our workplace it’s important for bosses and coworkers to acknowledge when a good job has been done. When we remember to give praise where it is deserved we encourage that behavior in the future. Employees often cite lack of appreciation as one of the reasons that they leave a company. Communicating appreciation is an easy way to decrease your turnover rate among valued employees. This also rings true in our personal lives. I don’t think that people require a…show more content…
“. This is something that I began to notice in my own life even as a child. I’ve seen instances where people are offended because a person they recently had a conversation with cannot remember their name. They view it as if the encounter was not as important to the other person Yet when we take the time to remember someone’s name it shows we are listening to them and we are engaged in the moment. In regards to a business situations I view this as crucial. It’s possible the decision maker will be angry if you do not remember their name, at that point you can lose the deal. Also when someone is selling it is a positive thing to repeat the person’s name during their pitch. The more you mention their name the more personalized the pitch is. This is useful because when someone hears their name they are more likely to re engage in the conversation. It’s also good to remember the name of a new friend or acquaintance. It shows them that you have taken the time to put their name in your long term memory and expect that relationship to

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