How To Win Friends And Influence People Analysis

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In his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” published in 1936, Dale Carnegie suggests, with the aid of real life examples from both ordinary people and historical figures, what might be the key in becoming successful. The several principles included in the book shape what could be considered as the Bible for human relationships. The book was initially written with the sole purpose to be used as a textbook for Dale Carnegie´s lectures on establishing good human relationships. Soon, after the book got published, it became well-known not only among either he or she who attended Dale´s lectures but among a wide public worldwide. The book soon became a model in the human relationship area, specifically within businesses. The book is divided into four different parts. Each part has its own principles supporting the ideas in it. The first part talks about “Fundamental Techniques in Handling People”. This part mainly talks about treating people kindly as if one were doing so to…show more content…
The book, published almost eighty years ago contains principles that are still applicable in present times regardless of new factors such as globalization and technological innovations. The ideas that the book repetitively suggest might seem obvious but it is unfortunate how many people behave in an opposite way, thus, creating a poor environment in their lives as well as the people they interact with. I do recommend this book not because it is fun to read but because the ideas it portrays can be the key to success. If a large quantity of people were to read this book and apply the principles stated in it, not only the relationships within a business would change, but also the way people interact in a society will improve and as a consequence, there would be more friendships and people influenced by

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