Genre Analysis Of The Flyer

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Genre Analysis of the Flyer A common phenomenon is that many businesses hiring students to distribute flyers in the campus to attract people. A flyer advertising the Mei Tuan take-out was distributed in the campus, the flyer contained pictures of meal and the introduction of food with a brief style and special genre. Because the effective genre used in the flyer, the business Mei Tuan is likely to attract customers to accomplish its particular purpose The structure of the flyer and the concrete content give audiences a sense of relief. The flyer’s color is based on the blue and yellow. The background is blue and the framework is yellow. The contrast between blue and yellow makes the flyer lively. For the detail, the right side of the flyer…show more content…
Always the layout of the flyer with an effective way, a piece of paper covered the pictures, information of the store and meals. Typically, the pictures and menus are designed to take up most of the page, and the rest is usually other information that draw customs, such as the characteristics and advantages of the restaurant. Because the short page and limited information, the words in the flyer are short and powerful for the most effective purpose. And in order to give a deep impression, the flyer will highlight the main information by magnifying the font and changing font’s color. Or using colorful and brighter color as the background to make information clearer. And other outside information are designed in the bottom of the paper and with a smaller size. The flyer looks like this way because it is the most effective way to express the important information, there is no redundant information to waster audiences’ time and easily for audiences to find what information they want to see. Just like the content in “Navigating Genres”, the author said: “You must know a little something about country music and in particular country music lyrics. You must, in other word, be familiar with the country music genre(249) .” Making a flyer just like the author writing a country music, people must to know this genre looks like what, and then start to do it. Based on the common genre of a flyer, the writer used…show more content…
It is the more effective way. What ever the content and the design are suitable in a piece of paper. The flyer cannot be very big and long for audience to read. None is willing to waste much time to read a flyer, and the flyer’s information can’t be sure is useful or not. With a short paper, the audiences can view all the information in one minute, and this will not bring the bad emotion for them. If the genre is performed as an advertisement on TV, it need more time to view and more difficult for write to make. Usually audiences do not like to watch performance too much time, and not easy for audiences to catch the points. A not perfect performance will decrease the effect of the genre. So this genre of a flyer carry out by paper is better than

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