Cvs Health Case Study

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Theme of the Article CVS Pharmacy is the second largest pharmacy chain in the United States, having over 7,000 stores in America. The only pharmacy chain corporation with more stores in the USA is their rival Walgreens. In the past few months, CVS Pharmacy decided to stop all sales of tobacco products. The corporation believes as a health care industry, stopping the sale of tobacco products is taking a monumental step in benefiting customers’ lives. In addition to this decision, CVS Pharmacy changed its name to CVS Health to help rebrand. Tobacco products are one of the highest bought items daily in the USA and many customers don’t agree with CVS Health’s decision. Others agree with the decision but think it’s decision isn’t smart for making…show more content…
Even though the company wasn’t forcing the customers to smoke the tobacco products, just by selling them these products caused addiction. This ties in with the company’s accountability value. CVS Health realized that they were partly responsible just by selling their customers potential cancer-sticks and didn’t want any apart of this, transitioning into the forth value of caring. The last value of CVS Health is the company’s integrity, which is the most important one behind making the decision not to sell tobacco products anymore. CVS Health has a strong set of moral principals and wants to keep these principals higher than any competitor could. Every pharmaceutical company says they are improving people’s lives but CVS Health didn’t just say this, they took action and proved it. By the company making this decision, CVS Health is going to be used as a model and maybe even a future precedent on a pharmaceutical retail company doing the morally right thing for its customers health. Relationship to Business…show more content…
These leaders fought for what they believed in and set precedents for the future generations to follow. CVS Health made the morally correct decision in stopping tobacco sales from its retail stores since they are part of the health field. Pharmaceutical stores should do the same and follow CVS’s footsteps because as a retail store in the health industry, you are trying to benefit your customers lives not take them away. In the future, I can see college student learning about this topic because CVS Health got so much criticism when releasing this news to the public. Businesses thought the CVS was insane because of the estimated two billion dollar lost in revenue and how it’s a cutthroat economy in current America. But as a leader you got to do what’s ethically right. CVS Health did the ethically right decision and in return gained a ton of consumers and profited from being the first healthcare retail store to do this. CVS Health’s mission statement states, “Above all else … our mission is to improve the lives of those we serve by making innovative and high-quality health and pharmacy services safe, affordable and easy to access” (CVS Health, 2015). I believe CVS Health did the ethically correct decision in stopping the sale of tobacco products in their stores and stands behind their mission

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