How Did The Beatles Influence American Culture

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The beatles, The rolling stones, even the Yardbirds came over to America during the 60s to dominate the music industry for years to come. First came The Beatles. They came rushing in to America and created their first hit. “I want to hold your hand” (“British Invasion”). This had driven America crazy with the new sound of rock from Britain. The new sound was a mix of progressive rock and blues. The beatles were made up of a quartet of people. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Eventually The Beatles had performed on the Ed Sullivan show. This was their first televised performance. 70 Million viewers watched this.”(British Invasion)” The Rolling Stones also came to America in 1964.(“British Invasion”) The were also a huge success alongside The Beatles. The british rock bands came to america in the 60s, dominating the music business then and now.…show more content…
The british invasion began in the year 1964 “(British invasion)”. The first band to migrate to the U.S was The beatles. At the time known as The Silver Beatles, they later changed their name. They took the country by storm with their amazing single “ I Want To Hold Your Hand”. Later on in that same year, came the Rolling Stones. This was a band seen as a bad role model for the youth.(“Rolling Stones”) The lead singer was even suggested to leave because he was too ugly. The Rolling Stones followed The Beatles with their success shortly after.(“ rolling stones”) The beatles only recorded for ten years. (“Beatles”) At the end of 1964, The beatles fan base had not shrunk at all, but grown. (“Beatles”) They had released many albums since that point and were seen as a more of an addition to the “Hippie”

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