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Dannon Case Study Keith Collins Professor Scott Empire State College • Should Dannon communicate its CSR activities? Dannon does itself a great service effectively communicating the corporate social responsibility. By doing that they promote their agenda to the general public and make them more aware of the corporate culture Dannon is trying to promote. Public relations are graded much by what they do to help society. There are key components to why it is important for the company to communicate and execute effectively in order to establish good public relations within both the community and society. One of those key components is to promote the value of education in the marketplace and free thinking; this means giving the consumer more knowledge…show more content…
So everything begins at the top, if the CEO, the owner, the board of directors, down to the representative do not share the same values you are only as a strong a company as the one person with the weakest value. Being a companywide campaign it makes that much more important human resources understands the type of people that the company is trying to build with, otherwise the brand identity can be lost upon bad experiences with less than desirable employees. Further elaborating on that it’s important that the values and employees become the foundation/identity of the company otherwise it is left to chance with other agendas. The best advice to any company is more simple than complex, take for instance CVS. “CVS forewent many millions of dollars in tobacco sales in order to help their customers see the true value of their health and where they wanted to take their company.” (CVS,2014. Para.1-5) Taking out a staple product like this in any drug store could have led to catastrophe but since they had established core values and a foundation to make such a great move in the public’s best interest. Moves like this illustrate the best paths for future companies, to make the right moves because whether or not it benefits them financially the public image becomes much better and even if the company fizzles out, the legacy of the company paves the road for other companies to work in the best interest.…show more content…
Danone could respond many ways, being the giant conglomerate they are they have both experience handling issues and placing campaigns in place to practice all the aforementioned proposed courses of action. One way Danone group has shown their initiative to promote educational value was with their commercials for their popular yogurt activity. They helped use the forum as a way to show their product was geared towards improving digestive health rather than promoting a great tasting low calorie meal like many other popular yogurts on the market (A link for one of the commercials is in my references) (Activia commercial,2014, video 1) • Can CSR remain sincere when being leveraged for PR

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