Emperor Was Divine

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When the emperor was divine book tells a lot about internment camps and the struggle with the Japanese.So in the essay i am going to explain how the family showed courage and perserverence.I think that they showed perserverence and courage in many differnt ways i think that they showed it from what they went through with the camps. And i also think that they showed it when there dad got sent away to the camps. And everyone in the family had to sacrifice and they also had to get through things involving the bad between the americans and the japanese. The emperor was divine book tells a lot about the girl.The girl is the youngest in the family and probably the most curios.But she faces hardships just as the whole family does they all need to go through them. But she goes through them because she is the youngest and has not much choice.And she also has to face the fact the fact that her dad was in the camp. But with her being the youngest she didn’t know as much as the mother and the boy. So she had to face perseverance with the whole situation.She also had to show perseverance with her being the only girl besides her mother. She also showed courage through her sacrifice with going to the camps. The camps she went through were to show loyalty to the united states. And although she was young it still took a lot to go…show more content…
She has to show it for herself and also her kids. She has to take care of both her children and deal with the fact that her husband is in a camp.And she has to preserver through the whole thing.And not only does she have to do that she also has to kill the dog. She had to show loyalty which is her courage and perseverance. The courage is making the decision to move the rest of the family to the camps and that shows courage. They all have to make different sacrifices.And for the women to kill the dog that takes courage. For anyone to kill their animal like that it would be really
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